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angeld 41 - Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa Dating Profile. myself with little I have nd I'm happy so please dnt mistook me for a sugar mama who finances man .

These are 25 things that I think many Dyslexics can relate to, although I know that Dyslexia exists on a spectrum much like Autism and it is different for everyone. As a child he was known as the class clown or trouble-maker; often a distraction to others. Often loses things or puts things in strange places.

The spelling seems to come and go. Unable to keep rhythm with music when clapping or singing; cannot remember lyrics even to his favorite songs. Trouble telling time; reading an analog clock, remembering numbers, dates, appointments; difficulty reading a map or following written directions.

Verbal explanations are needed. Extremely talented in drama, art, music, story-telling, public speaking, poetry, hands-on projects. These things come very easily to him. Difficulty comprehending when reading or focusing when writing and talking; often forgets what point he was trying to make. Needs more sleep than most and often wakes in a bad mood. Used to wake aggressively with fists raised. Still has difficult waking normally.

Very social and emotionally sensitive; seems to need more attention than most; also puts a lot of importance on helping others and making others feel comfortable. Does any of this sound familiar? For Brand Partnerships, click here. I do at least a few of these even though especially the Math thing. I just can't get it no matter how hard I try. In my end, I can't remember people's names if they are not around. It is a spectrum. These 25 are specific to my hubby and I know that many of them are common for Dyslexics, so I'm sure this list can benefit families looking for diagnosis and help with educational needs.

We do love each other but it's frustrating for my husband as he really doesn't understand it. I tried talking to him about it but he can't comprehend. He has know I'm dyslexic since we were dating back in H.

Things Not To Say To Someone With Dyslexia

I have know I am dyslexic since I was in 1 first grade. I learned to live with myself and I'm ok with it. I have a good career and I work 3 times harder than most people. I just wish he was more compassionate and knowledgable on the subject. It would be nice to really feel happy and free knowing he is understanding. Thank you everyone for your experiences and post.

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I've been with my partner 10 years and she and i sometimes struggle with the fact that we have very different brains but most of the time they complement each other and we work as a team. I gave her a very descriptive account of my journey with every left and right, every road I crossed and landmarks along the way. Luckily I only thought to describe the journey from my house to the campsite she was staying at; not my entire life til that moment. I think I have quite good hearing. I think we might need to move to another room But then, when I tend to answer a phone, I often go into a corner to block out other visual stimuli too.

But neither do I walk down the street shouting into a mobile phone and ignoring the effect on everything else in the environment. But sometimes it can be the concentration required for chopping the onions and tomatoes etc. It's like a cue. I guess, in effect, she is asking, 'So, are you ready? Are you actually listening right now?

Dyslexia and Dating

For my part, I have done a number of trainings in visual, listening and kinaesthetic skills that have contributed to my practicing as a multi-disciplined artist, bodywork therapist and counsellor. I think for much of the time, people act in ways that do not create the conditions for the attention that rel hearing etc needs. Do you ever have conversations that are interrupted by people scrolling through messages on their mobile phones? Maybe you might have a go at listing 3 sights, sounds, smells, tastes and things you feel each day My experience is that people find having someone really, really listen to them and give them their as far as is possible undivided attention is very rare and wonderfully precious.

Hi friendlylion your descriptions ring so true. The onion example is identical to what I experience. It is even worse after a hard day at work. It is as if I have run out of brain power.

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Even in conversations sometimes when I am trying to make a point sometimes I think so hard about what I am trying to say that I go completely blank. It would be great to know what meditation or visualisation techniques you use to help you. I have looked up several things and tried memory tests etc but haven't really got anywhere. Sometimes it might be tasting - really tasting - one raisin, a grain of salt or a tiny piece of raw chocolate i.

Hi I have had relationship problems as I often get accussed of not listening and I forget within minuets sometimes what has just been said to me. Or my partner at the time has asked me to remember something and i have forgoten about it and has got angry at me. I offten forget to do things and some times my speach is not good and get muddled when talking and easly get tired and need to sleep.

Dating a Dyslexic Person

I do not mean to do any of these things but i can not help it. Thanks so much they a some good ideas to try and to start with. I appreciate your help.

Yeah I feel you, buddy. Me and my partner have had big struggles with this. She feels ignored, can't really get her head around the reason as it is so foreign to her.

Dedicated to your stories and ideas.

I am quite good at hiding it so people do not know, or they see things I do not really have. I am confused, first you say that you are willing to be open and tell people you are dyslexic quite fast but also you also say you are good at covering it up. As noted earlier, can dyslexics be themselves when they date non-dyslexics?

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Do they try and be people they are not? Rather than try and remember their partners names and fail and them look stupid. If they are open and honest, maybe make a joke of it, then the pressure will be lower and the conversation will be more relaxed. Okay, have I ever hidden my dyslexia? Comparing my stammer to my dyslexia, I think my stammer was more of a problem, and caused me lower self-esteem. At what point did I tell my dates I had dyslexia?

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Okay, maybe I did cover it up a bit, as it was to make me seem more normal. They are used to dealing with the paperwork and all things official like forms. As one participant said to me, they deal with the big issues, like who they should vote for, local politics and should the country have nuclear weapons? And their partners deal with the detail and the little things like money.

Another participant told me that they devised the dinning room table into two, one half was disorganised and messy for them dyslexics can be very disorganised and the other half was tidy for their partners.