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angeld 41 - Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa Dating Profile. myself with little I have nd I'm happy so please dnt mistook me for a sugar mama who finances man .

If you have something that no one else is offering to singles, this could be a major pro if done correctly.

User database

Cons High startup costs — Even if you use a premade solution, there are many things that need to be changed, designed and created. This means time and money.

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If you have never built a site before there will be a large learning curve for you and your team. Customer service — Once the site is launched you will have to handle all customer support calls and emails.

Promote your own brand with the Private Label Dating solution by PG Dating Pro

This requires alot of time and knowledge to retain and assist the singles who join your site. Billing — You will need to setup merchant accounts, deal with multiple currencies if global , deal with chargebacks and potential penalties.

White Label Dating Software Add-On

This is also a full time job if your site grows large enough. Member database — Managing a database is one con, but growing one is a much bigger task. You will need to work really hard to build your site to a critical mass.

Without members it will be difficult to succeed. Hosting — You will need to manage and pay for hosting for your site.

Dating Pro Private Label

With persistance, cultivation, and a good dose of true grit, these brands have matured into the most popular niche dating sites online today. Our company's dating brands represent the first tier of our core traffic volume.

Dimension 2 - Our White Label Partners: Create your own customized dating site or network based on your choice of lifestyles, ethnicities, locations, appearance, sexual orientations, general interests, sports, activities, and much more. Our zero adult traffic policy allows mainstream publications and webmasters to create a first class, quality dating experience for their referrals. Our Network is pre-populated with millions of dating singles interested only in real relationships, dating, romance, and marriage. Kick start your own Dating Network today! White label solutions are fully-integrated and ready-made, making branding easy.

White Label Dating Platform

Make money and save resources — just add your brand and design. We have our own gateway, and the advantage of long-term, trustworthy banking relationships. Our anti-fraud team helps to protect your customers and increase retention with reputable, secure sites.


We make sure their data, privacy, and financial info are always safe and secure.