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angeld 41 - Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa Dating Profile. myself with little I have nd I'm happy so please dnt mistook me for a sugar mama who finances man .

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  • Tastebuds is a great idea, and I would hate to see that it loses first-to-market advantage, by some copy cat website that does offer free messaging to it users. No, it's not free, that is the point.

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    New users have to pay to send messages, so yes, that IS a problem. I very much agree with what you say. But hell, if these guys don't do it right, someone else will.

    I hope they do. I would have recommended this site to my friends, at that stage.

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    • But having to pay for messaging is a big negative, and something like that really turns users new and old against those behind the site, I think. I know nothing of the financial situation or strategy or any of that, I can only comment as someone on this side of the site.

      I must also add that I am very thankful to those people behind the site, I hope they read this and know that. But because of that, and because I want the best for them and this site, I feel it is important to give them feedback. Users before have it free and users after Jan have to pay. I'm deleting my profile. Meet people who share your tastes. Sign up It's free and takes 2 minutes to see your matches. Top Posters this Week skogen posts. Do you like us? Is this website free to use for everybody? Got a pm tonight.

      Tastebuds: A Dating App Can Be a Music App

      Couldn't reply unless i accept to pay 7 euros at least. This is just ridiculous. Firstly, it makes me feel rude to the person that pm'ed me. I didn't mean to ignore them, i sent them a badge or whatever to show i saw their message, but i feel silly, sending a "wave this person", while they want to chat: Talk to people in other countries then ; I'm not here for dating, just trying to find people who like the same wierd music I'm into, and who, if they are reasonably local and I wouldn't rule out neighbouring countries!

      The app looks exactly like every other dating app out there so I happily swiped away for an hour or so. Don't think of it as a dating site, it's more of a social network for people who like music to be able talk and share it, If you happen to meet someone then it's a bonus.

      I've been using this site almost since it started which is so long I can't even remember, maybe 6 or 7 years?

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      I've only spoken to a handful of people, most just passing comments and met one person inrl but I've discovered a ton of great music over the years here. From my experience the majority of people who use the site regulary are all really nice.

      Our Review

      The people who come here just for dating don't usually stick around long. I think maybe they were trying to push the whole dating site thing for a while but they seemed to be getting away from that now which is a good thing imo. I hope this isn't a dating site, I came here to exchange views on music, get to know more artists and have some fun with like minded people. Perhaps meet up at a concert but definitely not interested in dating!

      Ona and Beyond Brandon Play TRICK or Treat - Taste Buds Challenge

      My dating days are gone, I have been single for 16 years and wish to remain so!