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It is a credit to the Island and our society that so many members of the public wish to dedicated their time and volunteer for services that are vital to the Island, and it is essential we continue to support these voluntary organisations.

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This will be a fantastic opportunity for organisations to showcase their services and actively recruit volunteers, as well as for potential volunteers to find out more. This is, hopefully, something we would like to be able to facilitate annually. Most recently, the remains of six migrants were recovered by the Libyan Navy from a rubber boat on 3 July, while people who survived the shipwreck were disembarked at the Tripoli Naval Base.

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Nearly half of all landings — 7, people — arrived just in the past 34 days. Moreover, sea arrivals to Spain by irregular migrants already are over 70 per cent of all of arrivals, and exceed the arrivals of and , combined see charts below. The HCG rescued a total of migrants and transferred them to those respective islands.

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Another migrants were reported landing at Oinouses and elsewhere, bringing to the total number of arrivals between those three days. Through that date the total number of sea arrivals to Greek territory since 1 January is 13, see charts below. IOM Regional Displacement Tracking Matrix researcher Ivona Zakoska reported Thursday that data collected from the Western Balkans indicate a quadrupling of registered irregular entries in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro in the second quarter of when compared to the same period in Since the start of the year, authorities in these three countries reported almost 11, new migrants entering these respective countries irregularly.

The report is predominantly based on IOM primary data collection activities and covers the whole and the first six months of We create a place for the personal stories of migrants.

We want to challenge the anti-migrant Imogen "Home is dynamic; it is where your family is, where you have good memories and where you make your nest. It is time to listen to the stories of internally displaced persons. Learn more about this campaign at holding-on.